RJM Chanters are the result of a collaboration between Roddy MacLeod and David Naill & Co. Ltd. Bagpipe Makers combining the knowledge and experience of one of the worlds top pipers along with the skills and craftsmanship of a highly respected bagpipe maker with over 30 years of experience in the bagpipe making trade.

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The RJM Solo Chanter made from African Blackwood

“I wanted to design a solo chanter that would produce the sound that I personally like to play. For me that means a well balanced, refined and resonant tone. It had to be pitched appropriately so that it would be easy to tune with reeds from a range of today’s most prominent manufacturers and also produce a bright sound that projects well. I spent a lot of time trying to ensure that it was straightforward to get a good stable Piobaireachd High G and alternate between the normal High G without adjustment, which is a big consideration for solo players and, of course, it had to give me my trademark High A!” – Roddy MacLeod



Listen to Roddy MacLeod play the solo chanter model – Slow Air

The RJM Pipe Band Chanter made from Polypenco

“Stability of tone at the modern day pitch is a key concern for any pipe band. With this in mind I aimed to produce a chanter that was easy to tune with a range of reeds and would play comfortably in the range of 454-460 Hz (A tuner) / 480-486( B flat tuner) which is where the top bands are tuning today. I wanted to produce a chanter that could be easily adjusted with tape at that pitch and did not need overly large holes or excessive gauging. It was also important to me that variances in blowing be less noticeable particularly on the notes which most often need fine tuning in a pipe band such as D, F and High G. Another vital consideration was to produce a chanter that blended well and also had good projection and clarity of tone.” – Roddy MacLeod

Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band playing RJM Polypenco band chanter. MSR.

Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band playing RJM Polypenco band chanter. Medley.

Thunderstruck – National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland. RJM Polypenco chanters

400% – The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland. RJM Polypenco chanters

The RJM Ensemble B Flat Chanter

“The RJM chanter is pitched in Bb to allow pipers to tune easily with other musicians in any musical ensemble whether a military band, bagad, folk group or an orchestra.
The chanter is easy to reed and will not require long bladed reeds to achieve the required pitch ( 466 Hz).
The RJM Ensemble B flat chanter is the ideal choice for the in-tune piper!” – Roddy MacLeod

Finlay MacDonald

Matt MacIsaac