RJM Pipe Band Chanter

£108.33 (exVAT)

Stability of tone at the modern day pitch is a key concern for any pipe band. With this in mind I aimed to produce a chanter that was easy to tune with a range of reeds and would play comfortably in the range of 454-460 Hz (A tuner) / 480-486( B flat tuner) which is where the top bands are tuning today. I wanted to produce a chanter that could be easily adjusted with tape at that pitch and did not need overly large holes or excessive gauging. It was also important to me that variances in blowing be less noticeable particularly on the notes which most often need fine tuning in a pipe band such as D, F and High G. Another vital consideration was to produce a chanter that blended well and also had good projection and clarity of tone.

Various sole and band options are offered. Prices for silver soles can be given on request.

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