Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board Examinations (PDQB)

I am a qualified Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board examiner and accredited to examine at all levels from SCQF 2 to SCQF 8. (SCQF – Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework).

PDQB exams are now the most widely used assessments for piping and drumming examinations in the world. More information on the PDQB and the syllabi can be found at www.pdqb.org

I can organise and run courses leading to both National Progression Award (SCQF 2-6) and Professional Development Awards ( SCQF 7 -8). Using trusted and qualified contacts I am able to put together delivery teams for both piping and drumming examinations.

I have the ability to be mobile and travel for examination events. This may also be of interest to organisations who wish to offer examinations for professional qualification, examinations at seasonal schools or for schools who offer piping programmes and wish to certificate pupils through the PDQB system.

If you wish to explore examinations further then please contact me by email  on contact@roddymacleodbagpipes.com