RJM Bagpipes

The RJM bagpipe is of a unique design fashioned by Roddy MacLeod in collaboration with David Naill and Co. Ltd. RJM bagpipes are designed to reflect some of the best qualities of Roddy’s 1907 R.G. Lawrie bagpipes, a set which were made as a presentation set for Pipe Major Alexander MacKenzie of the 2nd Battalion of the Seaforth highlanders. They were gifted to Alexander MacKenzie by the Officers and Gentlemen upon his leaving the regiment in August 1907 and the set is truly an instrument of exceptional quality.

Pipe Major Alexander Mackenzie standing to the left with regimental banner.

The aesthetic appearance of the RJM bagpipe is very strongly similar to the Lawrie although a range of options are available for engraving and mounts on various models.

The most substantial difference from Roddy’s Lawrie bagpipe is the bass drone which has been completely redesigned to allow the drone to tune comfortably at the modern day pitch with a wide variety of cane and synthetic reeds. The tenor drones, which are different but similar in some dimensions to both the Lawrie and Naill bagpipes, have been designed to produce a bright tone while tuning comfortably to the optimum pitch of the RJM chanter.

The result is a rich, warm, stable and full sounding drone which absolutely recreates the tonal qualities for which Roddy Macleod’s bagpipe has become renowned for worldwide.

RJM Chanters are the result of a collaboration between Roddy MacLeod and David Naill & Co. Ltd combining the knowledge and experience of one of the worlds top pipers along with the skills and craftsmanship of a highly respected bagpipe maker with over 30 years of experience in the bagpipe making trade.

Both the Solo and Pipe Band chanters have been played with great success by some of the worlds leading players and bands.

The Ensemble chanter which can readily be tuned to B flat is also the ideal chanter for pipers and bands who wish to collaborate with other musicians.