David Naill Bagpipes – DNV3A Vintage

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This special Naill bagpipe combines a very vintage feel with a modern sound suitable for both solo work and to blend with any pipe band. Flat, non-beaded ferrules and ring caps and smaller projecting mounts contribute to the antique look.

The vintage bagpipe has a narrower profile – when compared to the standard Naill pipe. Subtle changes have been made to the bass drone bore give a more powerful sound.

Fully beaded and combed in African blackwood with small vintage sized imitation ivory, projecting mounts, beadless ferrules and ring caps. The DNV3A has nickel tuning slides with engraving offered in either Thistle, Runic, Dragon or Reposse patterns. Accessories include include a polypenco pipe chanter, a choice of canmore or hide bag, bag cover and silk drone cords.

Please select from the options offered in the drop down menus below to complete your bagpipe. Please note the approximate delivery time on this bagpipe is usually between 4 and 6 weeks.

If you wish to discuss options or anything else relating to your purchase please email me at contact@roddymacleodbagpipes.com

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